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Sound world of Radivojević’s music participates in a quasi-baroque formal construction, where the carnal pleasure is (re)discovered, the ideals of purity are rejected. Liberated from the fear of materiality and of the corporality, his music is engaged in playful artifice in which masks seem to be more truthful than the faces they hide.

His compositions have been performed by the ensembles Nouvel Ensemble Contemporain, Neue Vokalsolisten, Exordium Collective, MDI Ensemble, Kebyart Ensemble, Trio Abstruckt, Trio Accanto, Il SuonoGiallo, Mise-en NYC, Boston New Music Initiative, Proton Bern, Vortex, Oerknal, Lucerne Festival Alumni Ensemble, Recherche, Asko/Schönberg, Interface, Contrechamps, Studio 6…, and soloists Richard Haynes, Paolo Casiraghi, Ruben Mattia Santorsa, Michele Bianchini, Susanne Peters…

Radivojevic is currently working as a lecturer and assistant at the Composition Creative Practice Department at the Bern Academy of the Arts and as scientific researcher in the project on non-equidistant microtone-music of 20th and 21st century «In hommage from the multitude» supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation, under the guidance of Dr. Roman Brotbeck. He is a PhD candidate (researching on the microtonal elements in the music of Jean-Claude Risset) in musicology at the University of Bern (Prof. Dr. Anselm Gerhard and Dr. Roman Brotbeck).

Radivojevic has been active as music critic in the Swiss music journal for research and creation Dissonance, as well as in Swiss music journal (Schweizer Musikzeitung). 

After graduating in guitar at the Academy of the Arts in Novi Sad, Nemanja Radivojević pursued his studies in Geneva (MA in theory of music at the HEM, composition classes with Arturo Corrales at the CPMDT), in Bern (MA in Composition at the HKB, with Xavier Dayer), and Leipzig (Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf). Besides, he attended masterclasses with composers like Frank Bedrossian, Michael Finissey, Simon Steen-Andersen, Tristan Murail, Oscar Bianchi, Dimitri Papageorgiou, Nikolas Tzortzis…